Senior Cycle

The Leaving Certificate Programme

All students take the following subjects to examination level:

French or German*

*Except those in receipt of a DES exemption

In addition to the core subjects above, students select three additional subjects from a list of options. The options offered are based on the selection made by each group of in-coming Fifth Year students and are designed to satisfy the choices of the maximum number of students where possible. The current subjects we offer at Senior Cycle are as follows:

History Geography
Home Economics Physics-Chemistry
Agricultural Science Accounting
Business Biology Music
Construction Studies Design and Communication Graphics
Chemistry Art

Students also have timetabled classes in the following non-examination subjects:

Physical Education, Religion and Guidance.

The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

An option available to students at this level is to undertake the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) as a full school subject.

Spread over two years, the LCVP combines the academic strengths of the established Leaving Certificate with a new and dynamic focus on enterprise, the world of work, information technology and languages. It promotes the skills and qualities of self-reliance, innovation and enterprise in an integrated programme that will prove relevant to the lives of students on leaving school for further education, for employment and for self-employment.

The DES has determined which subject combinations will allow a student to consider this option. These subject combinations care to be found on In addition to these subjects, there are two specific LCVP classes per week. Participation in Work Experience is compulsory as part of this programme

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